Purchase A Japanese Car

Purchase A Japanese Car

Request your desired car right here at Quality Auto Co., Ltd.

Send us the URL (Japanese Site) of your favorite car
and we’ll take care of the rest!

Purchasing a Car

STEP-1【Choose your desired car】

Choose your desited car from the Japanese used-car website below.

About the Estimate

■■■ Estimate (CIF-price) ■■■

< For Example >

US$15,472 = FOB-price

US$1,000 = Shipping-Cost/Inspection-Fee/Insurance-Fee

US$16,472 = Total CIF-price

※Shipping-cost is determined by the arrival port (country).

STEP-2【Send us the URL of your desired car】

Send us the URL (Japanese Site) of your favorite car via the Inquary form on this site.

STEP-3【Calculating the CIF-price】

We will start negotiations by Estimating the CIF price.
AFter Estimating the CIF price, Negotiations will be done, an Agreement will be made, an Invoice will be sent, a Payment is then due, and then Shipping will occur.